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Rye Custom Homes is your one-stop destination for anything home building in Arkansas!  We pride ourselves in our customer service, workmanship and your overall experience in the home building process.  We are completely honest and upfront with everything.  Our quality is our resume. 


Did you know that some home builders use subcontractors that are not insured?  That's right!  At Rye Custom Homes, we use only INSURED subcontractors for every single home we build.  Period.  You never have to ask about the people we work with, and question whether or not they are insured.  Because they are.  Every single one of them!  If anything goes wrong before, during or after the building process, our subcontractors are covered!


Quality is our middle name!  Well, actually it's Custom, but that's close enough!  At Rye Custom Homes, quality is first and foremost, right behind safety. Phillip Rye is the foreman for every home we build.  He personally oversees every single detail and makes sure it lives up to our quality standards.  From design to completion, Phillip will be there to answer any questions and make sure it's done right.  Guaranteed! 


Yes, you read that right!  We save you money on your utility bills!  We use state of the art, energy saving building techniques that guarantee your energy bills will be less than your neighbor's! We recently completed a 7500 sq ft house, and their average electricity bill is $100/mo in the Winter and $250/mo in the Summer!  Now that's what we call, ENERGY EFFICIENT!

".... On a side note and have been meaning to tell you built us one energy-efficient home!  Our electric bill and gas bill has been outstanding throughout the year.  Electric bills in winter months right around $100.00 and gas bill averaged during cold months around $100.   Electric bill in summer looks like it will average around $250.00.  Last three months less than $200 a month on the big two bills
electric /gas combined."  
Guy P. - Hot Springs, Arkansas

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